Why the name Catddle ?

When cuddly cats cuddle up together, there's no better way to describe this. Thanks to Mattew for the inspiration.

When will you be able mint your Catddle NFT?

May 21 for allowlist mint. May 22 for public mint.

How many Catddle NFTs are there?

2, 048.

What's the mint price?

0.05 ethers for allowlist mint.

0.07 ethers for public mint.

What is the relationship between Catddle NFTs and the Catddle Game?

The owner of the Catddle NFT can use their NFTs to join the game. The holder of a Genesis NFT will also receive CAT airdrops as a reward to early supporters.

Which chain will the Catddle Game be deployed?

While the Catddle NFT mints on Ethereum, the game will be deployed on Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB smart Chain at the first stage. Season2 will consider more chains and Layer2 solutions.

What is the ERC721O token?

It is a standard token interface designed for safely moving ERC721 tokens between chains without potential blocking issues. More details can be found in the introduction.

When can I play the Catddle Game?

The testnet version will be online in June 2022. The mainnet version will be online later. Check the roadmap for more details.

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