Collab Lands

A true metaverse can never be built by big companies. Decentralized collaboration is the key to a free oasis.

The Catddle place is an open interface. Anyone can build their lands following the same standards. The new sites can join the Catddle Universe permissionlessly.

We call these places Collab Lands. Users can even put NFTs, ERC20 tokens, and game items into their lands as a visitor or for a plot to unlock rewards.

For example, a project can put advertisements into its own place. If Catddles want like to visit this place, they can unlock the main plots designed by this project (possibly advertisements) and then get the NFT rewards from the landowner.

If the Collab Lands need to alter certain features of Catddles, additional permission from the Catddle DAO is required in order to avoid scams and security issues.

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