There are many storylines and secrets hidden in many places around Catddle Universe, waiting for you to discover them!

There are three types of plots: main plots, subplots, and hidden plots.

Main plots

Main plots will be triggered the first time you visit a place, under the condition that you have unlocked all the predecessor plots. If an area has multiple main plots then they will be unlocked sequentially. But some major plots contain essential items for opening some advanced activities.


Subplots will be triggered each time you visit this place in random orders if the preconditions are fulfilled. Subplots contain extra rewards.

Hidden plots

Hidden plots will be triggered by chance if the preconditions are fulfilled. Hidden plots contain powerful items.

You can also choose different storyline versions to enjoy the Catddle world. We will also allow users to create their versions. Different versions will share the same plot structures.

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