Places are essential parts of exploration for your Catddle. Some are for traveling, some for mining, and some are simply for treasure hunting.

Initially, your Catddle will not be able to travel long distances. The distance you travel with your Catddle will be determined by the explore level and the type of vehicle. Distance and the type of vehicle will determine the duration of your exploration. Farther places usually have higher $MEO coin rewards.

General types of places


There are many cities in the Catddle Universe. You can pay a visit to different cities and find different reward items.

Related attributes: None

Output: Souvenirs, plots reward


Each mine has its own distribution. You can choose the mine to go to according to your requirements or market prices.

Related Attributes: Vigor

Output: Ore


Be careful of the monsters in the jungle! Jungles are for brave Catddles since you can meet dangerous animals here.

Related Attributes: Strength, Dexterity

Output: wood, rare items.

More places will be revealed after the game officially launches.

Special types of places

There are more special places in the Catddle world listed below.

Time-limited places

Some places can be time-limited for special events.

Treasure places

Some places contain tokens when certain preconditions are fulfilled or plots unlocked. The tokens can be ERC20, ERC721, and even ERC1155 standards.

Interstellar places

Catddles can cross different universes (blockchains) to find a better living place or join different local activities.

You can find some places marked interstellar, which means you can travel cross-chains to visit these places.

Collab Lands

Places created by users or other projects. Details can be found here.

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