Research is the only way to bring new technology into the Catddle Universe. The blueprints produced by research can enable other Catddles to make incredible items.

Basic Research

Doing research needs some practice. The basic research required for crafting or cooking skills you must reach Level-5. Not only can you research blueprints of items, but you may also use recipes for cooking.

Advanced Research

After the research skills have reached level 5, you can then unlock advanced research. Your Catddle can then research the methods to create the most cutting-edge tools.


Inventing is a special form of advanced research. When technology in the current universe (blockchain) has not been invented, the first Catddle who researches this is the inventor. The inventing process will consume much more resources and time than regular research.

Also, there can be multiple Catddles inventing the same technology at the same time. The first who completes the invention will be declared the final inventor. Those who fall behind will lose half of their resources by which that invention has consumed.

If more than one Catddle finishes their research at the same block, the first one will be chosen randomly. The speed of inventing will be determined by research levels, Catddle intelligence, and resources. You can boost the inventing process daily if you need.

The inventor can get the Original Blueprint, which can reduce many resources used in the later crafting activities.


ResearchAdvanced Research

Material required

Specific items

Crafting products, rare items

Material source


Crafting, Exploring

Skills required

Crafting or Cooking skills reach level 5

Research skill reaches level 5

Tools required



Related attributes



Coin consumption



Status effect


Hunger and Fun↓

Product utility



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