Primary Attributes

Catddles have four primary attributes: Vigor, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Strength.

These attributes will affect activities such as exploring, cooking, and crafting.

Catddles can be more energetic with a higher vigor value. Your Catddle will be able to cook more food and find more treasures.

Agile Catddles perform better in activities like fishing and fighting. This attribute can also protect your Catddles from dangerous events and situations.

Smart Catddles are good at crafting and research. This attribute can also help them when fighting.

Stronger Catddles can craft tools quicker. They can also defeat powerful monsters.

You can find more details and the impact of each attribute on the activity page.

These primary attributes can move to other chains with their Catddles. The rarity of Catddles will decide their initial primary attribute points. You can also improve primary attributes later by participating in different activities and also by feeding them magic foods.

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